The Smooth Knobblies Annual Cycling Challenge (aka The SKACC)

The Smooth Knobblies have run an annual cycling challenge over the last 3 years. Here is a brief overview of the results over that time period. This is what the top 5 looked like in 2013:

In 2013, no-one had broken the 10,000km mark (although there is a TV referee decision still pending that Warren Morton did, in fact, break that mark. But you gotta be in it to win it!)
In 2013 we had 20 competitors and the pool managed to pedal their way through 77,726km in that year. So each participant averaged 3,886km that year (which is 10.6km per day). Are we getting any better though? lets see:
In 2014 the Wolves were set free and the front end of the pack gnashed and snarled their way quite successfully through the 10,000km mark – not bad for a bunch of ageing, working, (Simon I didn’t say balding!), family men with a broad base of responsibilities!. Shaun took it to a new level with his 1000km per month average – something we weren’t able to match this year.
As for the group – well, with 25 contestants we pedaled along at 122,334 combined KM for the year – an average of 4893km per rider for the year – that’s 1000km more per rider and brought the average up to 13 km ridden per day.
So how did we fare in 2015? Well, lets see:
The big change for the contest was the rocketing of Dr Phall up to the top of the leader board. From relative obscurity, Phil obviously turned the mental corner and kept on pedaling until he had reached the top rung of the ladder….
All the other usual suspects are in the mix – and even though he suffered a fractured pelvis AND a skiing holiday in December, Rocky still managed to end 5th (and I only moved past him on the last ride of the year because some of the riding party that day took a 8km detour).
But what about the average of the group? We didn’t spike into the 12000km mark – but maybe the overall performance of the group improved:
Well – with 24 contestants, we managed to ride 133,570 combined km – which means a rider average of 5,565km per year…a ride average of 15,2km per day…every day…for the year! Thats a 50% increase since the first combined challenge in 2013.
2016 has started off steadily and the miles are already trickling in….at a rate of hopefully more than 15km per day!
In conclusion then, we can proudly say that we are a group of cyclists who are steadily improving their average riding distances per day. Keep it up!
So the expectation is set and the benchmark has been established – you should set a target to average between 16-18km of cycling per day – every day – for 2016. Now you know.
So get our there and cycle safely!
Remember to #smoothknobblies your ride pics on social media so we can keep a virtual repository of all the great things we see and great people we meet whilst out on the bike.

Rens Rezelman

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