A reply to Tokai Mountain

Dear Tokai Mountain

Thank you so much for your letter – and you’re right: it has been far too long since we last saw each other. I’m so sorry I haven’t been to visit – but the so-called doctors and nursing staff have been very protective about gaining access to you since the fire. I mean, how are you feeling after that? We all watched in horror as the flames crept down your beautiful face…eish – so sad! I know you now said that you’re feeling fine and you want people to come and visit again – but we get different reports sent to us (if any!).
I share your frustration that the doctors are not telling you how you are progressing. They tell us nothing either and – without dismissing them as a bunch of palookas who appear (on the surface) to be quite lazy – we do think their diagnosis might be a little Over The Top!

I have some friends who are trying their best to get you out of hospital so that we can come and ride our bikes over you again – but the medical staff are having none of it! Even in the places that weren’t ¬†burnt so badly are proving very difficult to gain access to. We’re all pretty sure that the Ou Wa-Pad and the Peaks should be fine to ride….
You must feel like a real leper the way you have been told that no-one can come and see you. You’re like the new Area 51 or wherever they keep the UFO’s in America…. What I found strange was that the bureaucrats in charge were almost condemning you before the fire had even smouldered to its last embers! How on earth did they arrive at the fact that you’d need to remain in hospital for two years when no-one had even checked how you were after the fire? And from what I can see, you’re actually looking really good. (I think Mother Nature looks after her own in a very good way!)

Whilst you were busy with your healing process, the bureaucrats also told us that the activity card prices were going up – again! And guess how much of that money is going to be spent on getting you back to your former glory? None. I’m told it all goes to Pretoria to pay some fat cat salary…its a disgrace, I know. I do think that you have a good case to take the matter further…ironically – despite the increase in fees we’re even prepared to pay extra and help bring in some private doctors and nurses to patch you up – but again we’re being told not now. I do find it odd and I share your concern that this is all taking a bit too long!

Its very frustrating to see you and not be able to come over and play like we used to…remember when we didn’t even need to pay to come over? Everyone got along just fine – runners; horseriders; cyclists…the more regulations and cost that was put on us as a “user group” the more issues we had! Suddenly it wasn’t safe anymore; we had areas restricted to us…and here we thought we were paying so that you’d be a better recreational facility for all of us!

Don’t worry Tokai…we’re going to get our very own hashtag (#Permitsmustfall, #OpenTokai) and get people to start asking questions….

Not long now Tokai, not long now.


(former) Tokai Mountainbiker

Rens Rezelman

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